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I would personally like to recommend Brad Chandler and Southeastern Cattle Consulting to assist you with all of your cattle marketing and herd management needs. I have known Brad for around 10 years. I have always known him as the same honest and respectable man. He is one of those men who tells you straight and you know the facts from the beginning rather than sugar coated information that you just might want to hear. He has helped our farm reach a whole new level, the level we have been trying to reach for years where the buyers want great cattle and they know who we are as producers and pay for our kind of cattle. Brad has the connections that put money in your pockets. We have always been certified on a lot of fronts using EID tags, Cattlemax software, controlled breeding, vac programs, and full backgrounding. Brad has helped us with All-Natural certification and GAP certification. If you want a true team member to help your farm grow on the bottom line, give Brad a call and ask him to come visit your farm today!!

Rodney Walker

Walker Lands and Cattle Co., Delta, AL